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i love my drawer

fandom_muses Application

Michael Vaughn


fandom_muses Application

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(sydney/vaughn) hugs
*AN* I'm still in the middle of Season 4, so pardon any references that aren't up to date with the end of that season or the beginning of the next.

what is one thing you have learned from your past?

Trust is something people shouldn't just be given, they should earn it. There is nothing wrong with making someone prove themselves to you. Maybe that's just my degree of natural paranoia given who I am, what I do and what I've experienced in my life but that's one of the hugest lessons I've ever had to learn.

There was nothing that could have prepared me for the kind of betrayal I felt when I found out about Lauren. Even knowing Jack Bristow and seeing what his need for revenge on Irina had done to him and the signs he pointed out to me, the instant I found out it was like the world made no sense what so ever. I replayed the day I met her, our first date, the way she listened to me when I needed to talk about Sydney. She used my grief, my trust against me and I fell for it hooks line and sinker. There were signs an entire year of signs and even more once Sydney returned and I couldn't even fathom that she was using me. Even with everything I'd seen I couldn't believe it until I saw the evidence with my own two eyes.

Trust isn't something I give freely anymore, sometimes I even have a hard time putting my faith in people I've known for years. I don't freely trust the APO and sometimes not even the people I work with. Everyone has secrets, even me. Luckily, I do have some people I trust, people like Weiss and Sydney but even now after everything, being guarded is second nature.

Describe a dream that you've had. How did the dream make you feel?

I opened my eyes slowly, the light made the pounding in my head harder but I tried to focus on the person sitting in front of me. Sydney looked back at me with concern in her eyes and I tried to move but it felt as though there were weights on my chest.

"Vaughn, you’re ok."

I smiled at her. Every time I looked at her it felt like the past two years had been a nightmare and some how it hadn't happened. Then everything came rushing back as the familiar weight of the ring on my hand registered in my mind. Sydney moved to sit on the edge of my bed.

"I miss you."

There was nothing to say, I just leaned foreword and kissed her. I held her and then I felt the stabbing pain in my gut. Sydney pulled away and stared at me with abject hate in her eyes.

"You'll never betray me again."

I looked down at the blood pooling on my hospital gown and then I opened my eyes again. Lauren sat where Sydney had just been with a reassuring smile on her face. I just stared at her wishing she was someone else, despite the dream.
  • Agent Vaughn. Welcome. *unreadable little smile*
    • You'll understand if I don't take anything you say at face value.
      • *laughs, low and throaty* Can I not extend a simple welcome to my daughter's beloved fiance without arousing suspicion?

        Be careful, Mr. Vaughn, or you'll turn into Jack.
        • You should know by now everything you ever do will always arouse suspicion, especially with me.
          • *amused little smile* Interesting. That's quite an extreme reaction...
            • What can I say, it's hard to be rational with the woman who killed my father.
              • Truth takes time, Agent Vaughn. Haven't you learned that by now?
                • I've learned a lot over the past years. Truth being not what it seems was one of those things.
                  • Precisely. *smiles*

                    OOC: It's nice for Irina to have someone to bait a little ;) Welcome.
                    • Agreeing with you is somewhat unsettling.

                      OOC: Heh. Yeah, I love Irina, too bad Vaughn just doesn't share that sentiment. It's fun for the banter though :)
                      • We agree on lots of things, Agent Vaughn. Sydney, for instance. We both care deeply for her...

                        • Point taken. However, our methods are very different in showing those feelings.
                          • Quite.

                            Whatever else you may believe of me, Agent Vaughn, my tastes run to neither incest nor lesbianism.
    • I'm sure you're amused by how clever you find yourself but I'm not.
    • I think what Vaughn might be suggesting, Mom, is that he's never tried to show his feelings for me by putting a bullet in my shoulder.

      And what you're suggesting, is gross.

      Leave him alone.
      • Hello sweetheart. What a pleasure to see you here, Sydney. How's your father? (Or your own daughter for that matter?)


        And I was attempting to be humorous. A miscommunication, perhaps. The text-only medium is so poor for communicating the intended tone.

        And while I will concede that Mr. Vaughn has never been in a situation in which shooting you was the best of all possible actions... I seem to recall hearing of you stabbing him once...? Or was that inaccurate? Good sources are so hard to come by these days.
        • He's fine.

          And I'm not laughing.

          Yes, I did, but I didn't have a choice. It was either stab Vaughn myself or watch him be killed. I did what I had to, to keep him alive.

          (OOC: Hey Spy!Grandmommy!Mun! Since Vaughn is in season four for now, I'm going to have her ignore the comment about Isabelle, but Sydney is up to date elsewhere so she'll be happy to discuss the baby in other places.)
          • As did I for you, sweetheart.

            (OOC: Noted! Will ask after the baby elsewhere. :) I'm always up for RP.)
  • Hey, I'm glad you're joining us here.

    (OOC: Hey Ginni! I'm playing Sydney through season five, after I had to modify something to fit the show's storyline, but she wanted to break out and say hello. ^_^)
    • Hey, I am too.

      ((OOC: Yeah I just got all caught up with Season 5 so I'm trying to figure out how exactly I'm going to play Vaughn. Syd = Love))
      • I'm sorry about your dream. I wish I could have been there when you woke up. The circumstances were just--well, you remember.

        ((OOC: You're caught up? Geez. That was quick! Yeah, they threw me a curveball in there, so I'm just working past it, and it was a good curveball so I can't complain. &hearts ))
        • I remember. Don't worry about it Syd, all that's behind us now.

          ((ooc: yeah, I got obsessed and couldn't not watch. So now I get to experience the rest of the series with everyone else lol. I think I'm just going to keep vaughn in hiding, "encrypt" his posts or something, who knows lol. Syd + Vaughn = more love :) ))
          • I won't, and I know that it doesn't matter now. We just live in a world filled with so many reminders. It's hard to think of what happened and not want to tell you how worried I was.

            ((OOC: So you can flip out with the rest of us now? That'll be fun. If you were caught up by last week, you could have really "experienced" it with us. What an ep! And that sounds cool. His monk friends in Bhutan can have hooked him up with wireless. Hee. Syd + Vaughn + Isabelle = spy family love at its finest.))
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