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i love my drawer

Topic #25; Pet Peeve

Michael Vaughn


Topic #25; Pet Peeve

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(sydney/vaughn) hockey
The Offside Trap.

I love hockey, I played hockey and no team I ever played on resorted to using a method that halted pretty much all flow to the game. I’m all for a good defense, defense is definitely a key part of any sport. The offside trap leaves little room for the offense of a team to do anything. It clogs everything up, it makes watching the game feel like pulling teeth and I prefer to enjoy watching my hockey. Hockey’s solace against the rest of the world, when I’m watching I don’t have to bother thinking about the CIA or how crazy life is and while I’d rather be watching it with Sydney by my side I know I get a little into the games – especially when a team is going for the offside trap. It’s a cop out, just get a better offense, a balanced team is a good team anyway. Don’t even get me started on what happens when I’m playing and a team tries to pull that crap.

There’s also not enough fighting in hockey anymore. What’s with that? Suddenly all the players have to hold back? Part of the game is about aggression; it’s getting it all out there and knowing you’re better than the other team. Mouthing off is practically a part of the game. What happened to all the fights?

Muse: Michael Vaughn
Fandom: ALIAS
Word Count: 227
  • I hope this isn't meant to be some sort of metaphor.

    Although, perhaps, the idea that you were capable of thinking in metaphors would be encouraging.
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