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i love my drawer

Topic #24; No Consequences

Michael Vaughn


Topic #24; No Consequences

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I’ve learned, the hard way, that nothing you do is consequence free. A few years ago I thought that I could search for the truth about my father and it wouldn’t affect anyone else. I continued to search and I didn’t tell anyone I cared about what I was doing. I know that without the search taking down Prophet Five might not have been as easy but I also know that not being honest about what I was doing; almost cost me my life and my family.

I always lived by the book; I was like my dad in that respect, at least the father I thought I knew. I was a company man and I tended to follow orders. Of course that all changed when I became Sydney’s handler, I didn’t always think through the consequences of my actions. I didn’t always think when it came to Syd, not that I’d really take any of that back even if I could.

It doesn’t matter if I spend time thinking about what I would do if there were no consequences for my actions. There are consequences.

The only thing I would do if I could, would be do everything in my power to rid the world of my enemies or Sydney’s; basically anyone else who might want to hurt my family. My daughter and Sydney are my priority; so if you must have an answer to that question – that’s it. It’s a lot harder than it might sound, the two of us by ourselves have more enemies than I can count, let alone when you add them together.

Consequences. You can’t really get around them.

Muse: Michael Vaughn
Fandom: ALIAS
Word Count: 275
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