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i love my drawer

Topic #22; Religion

Michael Vaughn


Topic #22; Religion

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(sydney/vaughn) hugs
I’ve never really considered myself religious and I’ve never considered myself not religious. I remember going to church a lot after my father died; my mom said it would be good for me to find something to believe in. I’m not sure I every really understood what she meant until years later. Even then it just seemed too late to throw myself into something that I really knew anything about. In my adult life I went to church on Sundays and I prayed at night before I went to sleep. I think some part of me always blamed this being everyone talked about for loosing my father and while the thoughts never filtered through my head during a sermon I did find myself thinking of other things, whether it was school or work or something completely random.

It was a few years later when religion started to scare me, confuse me. Sure Rambaldi didn’t rally people to organize a church in his name, there were so many things being done in his name that it reminded me too much of what I saw every day. The lengths of which his followers were willing to go was completely terrifying. That’s not even considering what’s happened in the past few months or what will probably continue to happen even though everything seems to be over.

I just don’t know if I can trust any religion right now, not with the years and people one almost-religion took from me. Maybe that’s just over-reaction and maybe one day I’ll get past that but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I lost my father to Rambaldi; my wife and I almost lost Sydney and Isabelle. Getting over that seems pretty damn impossible. Didn’t most religions start the same way. A man or men writing down things to come and the world falls in line? Not to trivialize the religions of the world but when you break it down, it’s all close to the same.

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